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December 13th - Photographer Visit

A photographer contacted me on Cosplay Island and asked me to post on behalf of him;

My names Lewis Greener and im a photographer from Newcastle upon Tyne. ill be heading up to glasgow for your meet up in december and just wanted to introduce my self and tell you about why i want to come meet you. im currently studying the final year of a degree in photography and am working on a series of photos around costume and communities, ive been taking photos of a wide rang of subjects, some local kids who do wwf style wrestling shows, orthodox jews, some local cosplayers and hopefully some of the local foxhunt. basiclly its a series of portraits of small communities or subcultures that share a common interest and their costume defines what that is, and if their relationships go beyond that intrest or not. if anyone would like to know more about the project, my background, see some of my photos or if theres anything theyd like in particular to try and do when im up or on another occasion even, feel free to get in touch, my emails lewisgreener@hotmail.co.uk or send me a message on cosplay island, my user names lewis, hope to see you all soon!
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