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Hi, this is my first time posting to this group, I was wondering if there were any cosplays in Fife, close to Kirkcady? If so please get in touch with me through private messages or comments here, I would love to meet some new cosplayers who are close by. I have a few reasons why, one being that I know of hardly any, another being that me and a few friends are trying to set up a cosplay group so more cosplayers would be great.

Anyway I hope to hear from people soon  n.n

Much love~


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I'm close-by-ish. Why not come to D-con (http://www.d-con.org.uk/) this Saturday? You're not far from Dundee and entry's free. I'll be there sitting at my little stall (look out for the Cake Pirates).
I think I will go along to D-con me and a friend are going to be going. ^^

am from fife


June 4 2009, 20:40:39 UTC 8 years ago

hi am digi real name daniel and am from fife halbeath its close to dumfermline and id like to meet up with any new cosplayers get in contact with me my msn is wardockwilliam@hotmail.com